RPG publication design and production

The image at the top is a cover for a hypothetical 5e adventure module, featuring licensed art from Jack Holliday. The type treatment is original (created in Photoshop and Illustrator).

The interior spreads were build using an InDesign template I built, closely adhering to the established 5e style, but with a few tweaks. It features judicious use of GREP commands and character, paragraph, and object styles in order to speed up the layout process.

I created new alpha channels for most of the spot illustrations in order to place them onto the “parchment” background (mostly using the Calculations tool), and to make the halfling’s ponytail break out of the image on page 3. I also extended the sky at the top in the illustration on page 3 and created the “watercolor” background burst behind the characters on page 7 and the endpiece/back cover.

Download an interactive PDF of these pages. (Note that it’s formatted as an interactive, not print-ready or print-friendly PDF, though!)

Featured Skills: InDesign template creation, publication design and page layout, title logo design, retouching, and digital publication production.