Return of the Azure Bonds

Nikki Dawes painted the gorgeous full-color illustration that serves as a centerpiece to this adventure’s cover. Return of the Azure Bonds is a not-quite-sequel to the classic Curse of the Azure Bonds video game and 2e module, written by Steve “Jaspor” Orr, Bryan Holmes, Chad M. Lensch, Kerry Jordan, Mike Olson, and… me!

My chapter, “The Hive of Dragons,” features a randomly-generated network of caves filled with dragon wyrmlings (inspired by “roguelike” computer games). I also chipped in on the plotting for the final chapter and, to some extent, the book as a whole. Check out the book on the DMs Guild! It’s out now!

I also helped with the cover, designing the title treatment and other graphical elements. The Forgotten Realms logo is derived from my own DMs Guild-friendly Forgotten Realms logo.