Baldur’s Gate: The Fall of Elturel book design

From DMs Guild stars Anthony Joyce and Justice Arman, Baldur’s Gate: The Fall of Elturel is an alternate introductory adventure that leads into either of two official D&D adventures: Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus or Tyranny of Dragons. As such, we wanted the book to look and feel as “official” as possible, so I designed new chapter title graphics and page decorations that feel complementary to those found in Descent into Avernus without being too derivative. The title treatment, too, was a riff on the standard Modesto Bold Condensed title treatment in WOTC’s official D&D books—again, evocative of the official materials, but with a unique spin.

I applied the torn paper edges for all of the images and, of course, laid out all of the text in a faithful 5e style. This supplement is now available on the DMs Guild!