The Creature Compendium of Ravnica book design and illustrations

Christopher Willett’s The Creature Compendium of Ravnica takes about ninety creatures and characters from Magic: The Gathering and adapts them for Dungeons & Dragons’ Ravnica setting. In additional designing the cover (from a concept by Dave Peterson), I laid out the book, and provided three new illustrations, one of which—the Spark Trooper—you can see here).

Our first version of the cover used a modified stock illustration (the shark jaw) combined with existing WOTC elements (the symbols), some original drawing (the disc), and some Photoshop layer styles magic to create the look of a “gold foil-imprinted book cover.”

Working with Gordon was great. He took my ideas and made them polished and professional looking. He kept me up to date with my project and had a very quick turn around. He was able to completely layout a 60 page book with illustrations in a week. I absolutely recommend his services to anyone who wants to take their DMs Guild products to the next level.

—Christopher Willett

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Software: Adobe Photoshop (new image masks where needed, cover design, image manipulation), Adobe Illustrator (new title treatment), Adobe InDesign (design and layout), Procreate (illustration).