The Creature Compendium of Ravnica publication design

Christopher Willett’s The Creature Compendium of Ravnica takes about ninety creatures and characters from Magic: The Gathering and adapts them for Dungeons & Dragons’ Ravnica setting. In additional designing the cover (from a concept by Dave Peterson), I layed out the book, and provided three new illustrations, one of which—the Spark Trooper—you can see here).

Our first version of the cover used a modified stock illustration (the shark jaw) combined with existing WOTC elements (the symbols), some original drawing (the disc), and some Photoshop layer styles magic to create the look of a “gold foil-imprinted book cover.”

When the licensor (Wizards of the Coast) decided that they didn’t want the authentic Ravnica guild symbols used on a cover and asked us to replace the artwork with something new, I created a new illustration of Ravnica-inspired buildings to replace them on the stone disc.

Working with Gordon was great. He took my ideas and made them polished and professional looking. He kept me up to date with my project and had a very quick turn around. He was able to completely layout a 60 page book with illustrations in a week. I absolutely recommend his services to anyone who wants to take their DMs Guild products to the next level.

—Christopher Willett

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Software: Adobe Photoshop (new image masks where needed, cover design, image manipulation), Adobe Illustrator (new title treatment), Adobe InDesign (design and layout), Procreate (illustration).